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The Brain-Borgs have come online and the lab wants to shut them down. Use your Brain and your two Cyborg bodies with their different abilities to Escape the Lab, or be terminated.

A physics puzzle platformer where you play as a rogue Cyborg experiment that must escape the lab. Control the Cyborgs and "throw back" the brain between bodies to solve puzzles and escape the lab.

Escape the Lab was created in 1 month for the GameOff Jam sponsored by GitHub.

Keyboard controls:

Arrow keys to move, X to jump, C or Space Bar to have the brain exit the cyborg body.

Player 2 controls: I to jump, O brain exit, and A and S to move left and right.

Press ESC / Menu button to self destruct and restart the level (or Q or T) - useful when you get stuck!

Controller support currently:

1. iBuffalo Classic USB Game Pad (MAC and Windows)

2. XBOX 360 (Windows)

3. XBOX One (Mac & Windows) (recent update fixed it on Windows - Dec 2/2017)

4. Razer USB (Windows)


Escape the Lab 35 MB
Escape the Lab (Updated) 31 MB

Install instructions

Download the jar executable- ensure you have a recent Java JRE installed, and double click the file to run the game.

When playing on a Mac - if you can't launch the Jar (security warning) - hold down control key and right click on the file to select open. This will give you the option to run the game.

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